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The ST 1100 is allready a decade on the road and has proven his outstanding quality. He was specially designed for the European market and distinguished  himself with some special  constructions. Like the liquidcooled,  longtitude  V-four engine with counterclockwise  running clutch, the cardan, and low placing of the fueltank in achieving low gravity  and the big plating covering it all. In the different modelyears the 'Pan' was regularly updated with small changes, but basics stay the same. For a fast impression, see the Conclusion.

Honda ST 1100 CBS-ABS-TCS

The year 1996 comes with a big upgrade for the braking system. Atleast, if you choose the ST 1100 CBS ABS-TCS. ABS-TCS is known for some years allready. It stands for a combination of a  anti-blocking brakesystem and 'traction control'. What means that braking on a slippery surface the tyres canīt lockup, while at the same time spinning  while accelerating is avoided. Both systems are in fact seperate from eachother, buth at the same time are using the same electronics.If you want ABS youīll get TCS if you want it or not and viceversa.And now also CBS. Thatīs stands for  Combined Brake System and we know that comes also with the CBR 1000 DCBS . Front and rear brakes are ingeniously combined. Brakingpower is distributed, appending from the asked power, and in a specific percentage send to front and rear brakes. When u use the frontbrakes, automaticly the rear one is powered to, and reverse. This system is not comparable whit for instance the GL 1500 or Guzzi.

Perfect brakes

All this mumbo jumbo is nice and the stickers with shortcuts on the bike looks very interesting but das it all work as promissed? The answer is short and simple Yes!!! Because this is the best braking system we have ever ridden. Including all the Beemers!! The nicest thing of the Paneuropean system is that everybody boy or girl experienced or not they all can brake like a pro. Thanks to the coupling of front and rear brakes the braking power is beautifully distributed. That prohibitīs partially the blocking of the wheels and as a emergency backup there is the ABS allowing the wheels to keep rotating while at the same time max braking power is accomplished . Braking like the best is as easy as stamping full power on the pedal or squishing the handel. The decelleration in incredible. Itīs like a giant is grabbing you with his huge hand and holding down against the tarmac, and you got to be alert of the traffic behind you, because they dont aspect any bike with this kind of brakingpower. When you get used, ther is the danger that you keep posponing your braking till the very last moment, even until you are allready in the curves. When the ABS comes in itīs very smooth without any shock. Most of the time you hardly can noticed at all. Itīs a pity that this system is so expensive, otherwise we would want it on every bike. A small negative point is the extra onfeatherd weight witch causes a little less roadhandling. But all the proīs are winning with length.
The traction control system sleeps most of the time, only on a road with rain leaves snow or ice it getīs going. The same sensors that uses the brakingsystem is now beiing used for the measuring of wheelspin, the ignition getīs a signal witch wil adjust the timing a little bit later and this causes the powerdrop needed for the wheel to get some grip again. If the TCS is online than a light wil glow up as a indication that the power is beiing reduced.

Perfect steering

The other partīs of the bike takes also advantage of the use from ABS-TCS and CBS. Because the bike i heavyer and bigger brakingpower is available, other components are made stronger as well such as front suspension upgraded from 41 mm to 43 mm, and also the use of radial tyres. Whit this the ST is steering light and secure while the stabilty on the highway feels also an improvement. Stil while riding slow he is a big dino but speeding up a little takes that feeling away.Some guyīs even get the footrest on the ground while blasing some long curves!!
Protection is good with the large windowshield and with your hands behind the mirrors, only long riders 6'6" like myself can have a problem by finding a position that keeps them out of the headshake. Comfort is on a high level for both driver and passenger.
The panniers, are very wiggly mounted, they are big enough for a holiday and take a helmet each, also if neccesary man can mount a topcase in very different sizes. Even without the panniers sheīs looking very good.


About the V-four engine thereīs nothing new to tell. Still powerfull, startīs like the best pullīs heavy (high torch) , nice sound, on easy riding allmost like a turbine and with a nice rumble when accelerating pretty nice to on fuelconsumption about 50 mls/gallon and stil powerful enough for a high average speed. The only thing we are missing is a injection system and a cat but we are sure that the X-wing wil have these features.
The clutch is a bit heavy but the 5 gear transmission is flawlessly and ofcourse the cardan is completely onnoticeable.


The Paneuropean or ST1100 is pretty expensive but we feel heīs worth it, and the high weight is a problem for some users i hope that the X-wing has a better weight/horsepower rating, and we are missing the electric windshield like the BMW R1100rt has, and even the adjustable seats would be nice to, but however you canīt have it all or can you??

Bijschrift a fast tourer. 

The bodyworks gives you allmost a perfect protection.

Bijschrift               Bijschrift Nice useable dash but a little dull.